Garden’s Advisory for private homes and estates, hospitality, and commercial organisations.

Plants and Gardens

Actionable advice for all your plant and garden needs - Plant identification, selection, recommendations and sourcing and plans for borders, beds, and planters.
Soil and tree advice, selection and pruning - Kitchen and potager sowing and planting schedules - Glasshouse management and propagation - Wildflower meadows

Technical Hands-On

Technical Pruning rose, fruit and topiary expert - Support installations for climbers - training and mentoring - Recruitment - Seasonal and Monthly work schedules

Garden and Borders Design

Garden assessments - General garden advice - Plant recommendations, costings, sourcing etc - Maintenance schedules - Training (either formal or informal 1-2-1)
-Kitchen, cutflower and fruit garden specialist

Public Speaking

Garden tours/guides - Public speaking - Guest panelist for Q&A - Presenting